Since October 2013, Anagennisi realizes external social and entertainment programs to provide children with a creative occupation but also in order to provide families with a release.

All the programs aim to educate our beneficiaries, through athletic and cultural activities, while simultaneously assist them in the development of daily life skills, in order to promote their ability to participate in activities, to interact with each other, as well as with others, to develop their social skills, relations and interests, by giving them the support they require to socialize and acquire the greatest extent of autonomy.


Our programs are designed for autistic children above the age of 10. A basic entry requirement for the beneficiary is the ability to integrate into and be accepted by the rest of the team. Our programs consist of a total of 35 autistic children.

Interest Form

Please fill out the following Expression of Interest Form for participation in the Club’s programs. Participation in the external programs requires and presupposes participation in the Creative Occupation Club.

Completion of Participation

Please fill out the application form which shall be sent by the Association’s secretary to the email stated on the interest form.


Meeting with the Program Manager and evaluation of the beneficiary for inclusion in the programs.

Interest Form