Since September 2015, the Creative Occupation Club operates on weekdays during the afternoon in Marousi. The Creative Occupation Club aims to provide children with creative occupations through various programs for creative occupation, socialization and entertainment in order to educate our children on the skills required for basic autonomous living in a personal and social level, such as::

·      Personal hygiene habits 

·      Traffic and road safety education

·      Visits in stores

·     Preparation of food

·      Management of free time

·      Entertainment – enjoyment

·     Behavioral management skills

The Creative Occupation Club’s programs for occupation, socialization and entertainment include

Both the Club and its programs begin in September and operate until the month of June.  

Interest Form

Please fill out the following Expression of Interest Form for participation in the Club’s programs. Participation in the external programs requires and presupposes participation in the Creative Occupation Club

Completion of Participation

Please fill out the application form which shall be sent by the Association’s secretary to the email stated on the interest form.


Meeting with the Program Manager and evaluation of the beneficiary for inclusion in the programs.

Interest Form